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Sunday, April 10, 2005

PROFITS tracker

I've added a PROFITS tracker to the links on the left. I'll try to update it daily. It's a good, quick way to see how the teams are doing in the main phases of the game (ie., hitting, pitching, fielding). Also, it includes pro-rated 162 game columns so you can see that the Diamondbacks are on pace to allow 1,300 runs.

The other columns portray the PROFITS projections along with summary columns that calcute how PROFITS correlates with real results. The table at the bottom compares the PROFITS projected winning percentages with the actual percentages and lists some other projections I've found on the Web - PECOTA, DiamondMind, etc. If anyone knows of other projections I could add to this table, drop me a note.

Later today, or tonight, I'm going to post some notes from the Royals' first week. Also, the Stat Guy will return to KC Star print editions this week, probably Tuesday. I'll post an expanded version of the article on this page and will welcome any feedback.

The Royals will be back home tomorrow. I, for one, am glad to have them back.


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