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Sunday, December 18, 2005

NBA Trak, 12/18

Last night's games:

Clippers 89, Rockets 81
COMMENT: Bad Clips' free-throwing kept this one closer than it should have been.
Pistons 103, Bobcats 78
COMMENT: The Pistons just don't let up. Bobcats need to get Sean May, Ray Felton on floor more, Kareem Rush less - much less. Remember when Gerald Wallace was a burdgeoning All-Star? That was just two weeks ago.
Pacers 102, Knicks 96
COMMENT: Tinsley getting his groove back.
Cavaliers 115, Heat 107
COMMENT: King James. Shaq isn't back.
Grizzlies 91, Suns 87
COMMENT: 114 missed field goal attempts. Suns were 3-4 from the line. NBA is FAN-tastic. Grizz committed just 4 turnovers.
Bulls 118, Celtics 86
COMMENT: Bulls shot 59.7% from floor and assisted on 34 of 43 field goals. Sometimes, it just seems so easy.
Spurs 90, Kings 89
COMMENT: Once-sharp-shooting Kings lose by 1 in game they went 8-16 from the foul line.
Jazz 88, Bucks 80
COMMENT: Who can figure out the Jazz? An up-and-comer: Devin Brown of the Jazz.

As always, the updated rankings and predictions are here. A shocking name sneaks his name onto the 10-worst list. How did he get there? It's a combination of inefficient offense and horrendous defense, a malady which effects nearly the entire team he plays on.


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